We the Church would say we want to develop healthy, mature, and generous servant leaders? The Bible is the authentic origin of  love, truth, and grace. Why are we disconnected where are we going astray?
I am Renee M Beavers is a Whole-Person Plant-Based Lifestyle Strategists.

I teach the principles of prayer, fasting, and a Plant-Based Lifestyle. These principles have empowered me to daily overcoming food addiction, serail dieting, and Lifestyle diseases. These principles have  also produced habits that transformed her health and her relationships.

Why are the application of biblical principles forming a divide in the Church? Many churches I’ve attended seems to settle on tithing as the one universal principle. Tithing teaches us about money what fasting teaches about our appetites.. I teach servant stewardship and that we only own our choices.

What if expecting an individual with an owner mind set to give and serve is unrealistic? An individual with an owner mindset doesn’t see the need to server others or give.Dear Church are we leading our community into the Tunnel of Deception? I believe the answer is not deliberately. What is the “Tunnel of Deception” it’s a dark shady place where light, love, and truth, are absent?

The individual inside the Tunnel are powerless to lead each other out. The individual on the outside of the Tunnel have the power to lead others out. How is this connected to the body of Christ and biblical principles?

Christians and non-Christians alike have areas of our lives where we have been in or are in the Tunnel of Deception. We don’t know what we don’t know! Tunnels deceive us frequently and some people stay in the “Tunnel of Deception” because it’s convenient. Fear of the foreigner is a common trap. The Tunnel I am remaining on the outside of and requesting other out is the “Appetite Tunnel  Of Deception”.

I have had a challenging childhood, and a life filled with change and constant adjustments. My mess is my message I am just like many of you looking for a way out. I live and teach servant steward and that we only own our choices.   The body of Christ will continue to be just as overwhelmed by lifestyles diseases and broken relationships until we change.God calls for his children to love and lead the lost world around us to himself .

I will teach the next generation to change their mindset from king/ owner to servant/ steward Join Us as we learn to live our life with less regret.