RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement is the future of personal healthcare. Our population is growing in more ways than one! Not only are we increasing in numbers, we are also increasing in size at epic proportions.

The number of people in need of medical care is rapidly out numbering the number of health care providers. What’s the answer? How can we balance the scales (no pun intended)?  Imagine if each individual took responsibility and control of their health personally versus blaming their lifestyle disease on their genetics or relying on prescription drugs to heal their human body.

Prescription drugs were never designed to heal the human body. They were designed to provide the body the rest and relief needed so that it can heal itself. We all need a reality check!  There are some diseases that run through our families that are genetic and beyond our control.   However, that number is small compared to the true culprit. The big elephants in the room are our appetites, traditions and our fixed mindsets.

Who told you that?

The question that I am asked the most as a plant based lifestyle strategies and just in general as an individual is ‘Where do you get your protein’?  This question speaks volumes to the unfortunate reality that we have been brainwashed into believing that protein is an essential primary nutrient for human beings.

This is not true! All human breast milk has a macronutrient ratio of: 50% fats, 25-40% carbohydrates, and 10-20% protein (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3586783/ ) The science has never supported what we’ve been taught by the media and the food industry and unfortunately, by the medical community.

Protein is not our primary nutrient. This could explain why we are seeing such a rapid increase in size and disease in the human race. What if the cure could be found in the cause? What if our diseases and weight was a result of our lifestyle? I believe that the answer has been hidden in plain sight: A plant based lifestyle which is made up of vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, minerals, spices, herbs and grains.

RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement provides the solution that everyone has been looking for but in all the wrong places. Whole plant foods provide all of the essential nutrients necessary to grow, thrive and to heal, as human beings. Unfortunately, the one thing that all unhealthy, sick, and overweight individuals share are the foods they eat.  This is the only universal common denominator! You mean I have control over my own health? Yes, you do!  Join us, RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement, as we learn how and why we must take responsibility and control of our individual bodies and health with our lifestyles.