January is the start point of the New Year a fresh start. However, if you do exactly what you did last year and expect to achieve a different result is that not the definition of insanity?   I decided in 2015 to go from water fasting into the Daniel and I have only looked back.

The life I was living was poisoning me. One decision at a time my choices were destroying my goals. If you know me, you know I dieted at 11; I have tried everything under the sun. At 51 I would like to share pitfalls, traps, and the biggest deception I fell prey to. I am a Whole- Food Plant- Based Lifestyle Strategist. I don’t use or sell pills, supplements, powders, teas, drops or shakes.

I have tried them all! Today I am still paying the price for my years of poor choices. I attribute my auto-immune diseases to the years of extreme diets, excessive workouts, and all the products I emptied into my body. My biggest deception was that if I could just eat less and work out more the weight would come off. Well isn’t that what the doctors, media and fitness professionals, tell us?

Nutrition and exercise only addresses the external aspect of our relationship with food. What if the issue is internal? I believe we are a spirit with a soul that lives in a body. Everyone wants to tell us what to do and how to do it. What if it’s more important to understand why we do what we do? I am referring to over eating, using food as an emotional support, or even making food, your lover, or friend.

People declare with great pride they are an emotional eater. As if that’s the answer to the mystery. The mystery is only solved when you unpack and discover your Why. What do I mean when I say unpack? I believe to go forward you have to go backwards. We have to sit down and visit our past thoughts, feelings, incidents and ideas that were the Genesis of your unhealthy relationship with food.

Everything that grows has a root. Picking the leaves off will not kill it. Expose and destroy the root. I would love to lead you on a journey inward. I am living my best life today and I would love for you to join me. Join me on our journey of living your life with fewer regrets together.