Tragedy to


Tragedy to Majesty is a culmination of short and long devotions designed to provoke and encourage personal reflection that leads to internal inventory. Knowing God is the beginning and the foundation of having an unshakable identity in Christ. However, the journey does not end there when our identity is in Christ we begin to understand who we are. The next step in the journey is getting to know ourselves and God, intimately life is about relationships our relationship with God ourselves and others in that order. Tragedy to Majesty will nurture our growth spiritually mentally and physically.

21 Day Journey


What if the Daniel wasn’t only a fast but a lifestyle?  It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Why not begin today? Our recipes are designed with your ultimate lifestyle of results without regrets in mind.  With our affordable, nutritious, and delicious Plant- Strong meals that are quick, beautiful, and simple. Your best life is one decision away, what a fantastic combination.  Our recipes are designed with your ultimate lifestyle of results without regrets. Join us on this journey toward living a life with fewer regrets. Permanent changes produced permanent results.

Freedom from


Freedom from Food is designed to provide solutions, support, and community. Most programs offer many how to Freedom from Food will help you to discover your why. Individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships with food and people will discover how practicing the principles of Priorities, Forgiveness, and Choices will impact and empower us to regain control of our lifestyle with actions. Freedom from Food is a six-week small group curriculum that will teach why praying, fasting, and a plant-based lifestyle are the missing spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines that most individuals are missing in their way of life. Find out how their absence affects our ability to make decisions that produce our God designed life of less regret, please join us.


Warrior Women

THE UNSTOPPABLE WARRIOR WOMAN book contains honest and inspiring stories from women in all walks of life. From pioneers in tech, law, and finance to soccer moms, retail clerks, and students, this collection of stories offers a new lens on the power women possess and showcases resilience, perseverance, and truth. Some of the stories are tear-jerking, others are laugh out loud hilarious, but the grit and tenacity behind each of them is the backbone for this movement. Through the exchange and celebration of these stories, women everywhere will feel more connected and inspired to do more for themselves and other women around them

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Our Reviews

“The things that make a life are not “things”. And the tools that God uses to build are our lives, are not metals. These tools are persons who are bold enough to open their hearts & their experiences, & to put them to our use. Renee Beavers has given us this gift. Dare to chew on these morsels with fresh eyes and humble hearts.”

Claudett Copeland, New Creation Christian Fellowship

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact Renee’s expertise in the plant based lifestyle has had on our members…more energy, weight loss, and improved health; which all lead to better performance as we work our Kingdom assignments. I highly recommend Renee’s programs and workshops for anyone serious about their journey to healthier living.”

Dr. Todd & Michell Pulliam, One Accord Church

“It’s all God not me when clients get success from the Pam Perry Mentoring group.
So godly proud of this speaker/author Renee M Beavers who is walking in her calling and not just wanting fame for fame’s sake. When clients are stepping up and stepping out into the greatness God called them to be!”

Mrs. Pam Perry, PR Branding Solutions, Inc

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