Services we offer each service is 60 minutes!

Renée is happy to announce the launch of the RMB WPPB Virtual Lifestyle Session.
Learn how to unpack, own, and regain control of your why. Our Movement is a clear path towards a results-based solution.
The Bible says that faith comes by hearing!  Our message needs to be repeated until people began to become thinkers again and not just followers. Join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets. 


Do you have questions about Plant Based Nutrition, Food Addiction, Serial Dieting, or Relationships? Join one of 3  RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement  Sessions today.

Renee’s solution based lifestyle strategies will provide the information, tools, and support, needed to begin your journey of living your life with fewer regrets.

Remember we are stronger together.

We are looking forward to  Connecting with you!

About Our Movement

RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement. We are one movement That is based on 3 principles, that are executed in 3 steps, that overcome 3 obstacles, Allow me to explain.


Whatever you put first is your Lord.


Unforgiveness only hurt you not the person that you do not forgive.


We are each a product of our choices.  All we truly own are our choices, choose wisely.

Join the movement you won’t regret it.

Breakdown of the 3 steps

3 -Day Detox Protocol teaches the value of prayer and fasting it is the journey inward towards personal realization and surrendering. Fasting will detoxify and refresh your spirit, mind, and body.

Freedom from Food:
Our 6 week support group curriculum. Promotes responsibility, forgiveness and accountability in a group environment. For individuals struggling with food addiction and serial dieting.

21-Day Journey:
Is our social media platform designed to provide recipes information and calls to action In a social environment.

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Our History:

Renee started her journey with food addiction and serial dieting at the age of 11.
She was fortunate her grandparents were vegetarians they exposed her to plant based eating at a very early age.

Unfortunately, their daughter’s struggle with idiopathic never disease and her own battle with autoimmune diseases are the true catalysts for the RMB Whole -Person Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

Knowing the truth and accepting and practicing it as your own and are two different things.
Renee teaches plant-based lifestyle nutrition that is what makes her a perfect journey guide she is just like you.

Renee has tried every diet and failed countless times. They began their journey with a fast at church of the Highlands in 2015.

After transitioning from a water fast to the Daniel her husband and her felt so much better that they continued on the journey and are still on it as of today.

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