I love to learn, so I read an article by Focus on the Family that was sorting out what the Bible teaches about vegetarianism or veganism versus meat consumption. It explained that Genesis does show that initially the plan that God had for us was a plant-based lifestyle.

However, in Genesis – chapter 9 after the fall, man began to eat meat. There are countless examples in the Bible of eating meat and also eating vegetarian. We must look at what the Bible teaches, what science supports, then compare it to the body of evidence which is each of us.

The results from a plant-based Lifestyle provides health benefits with no side effects. The only reason people choose to eat meat is that they think they need to and some want to. There are very few health benefits to eating meat without side effects.
Every animal that we consume gets their nutrients and nourishment from plants.
It is a personal choice based on past experiences, habits, and unfortunately, ignorance and deception.

It’s clear in Romans – chapter 14 that God makes the decision on what man should eat.
Renee is not here to tell you to eat meat or not to eat meat. She’s here to share the benefits of a whole food plant-based lifestyle partner with making God your priority leading to living a life with fewer regrets.
Providing hope, freedom, and liberty for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships with the foods they eat, and the relationships that are eating them. What are the reasons why you have not taken steps towards our Plant-Based lifestyle?