Our Team

“Greatness” is rarely ever accomplished or maintained alone.  Each of these  exceptional professionals are  the heartbeat of the Renee M. Beavers WPPB Lifestyle Movement. Individually and collectively they are how we do what we do.They each have our seal of approval !  Join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets. Remember we are stronger together!!  Sincerely grateful, Renee M. Beavers

Gil J. Beavers

 Chief Operations Manager &  Photographer

Aharon J. Beavers

Promotion & Visuals Manager

Darien Guy

Public Relations Manager
Phone: (618) 420-1486

Daphne M Evans

Professional Copywriter

Kaleka K. Davis

Graphic Apparel Designer

Angela Williams

Nurse Practitioner

Kristina Maury

Brand Identity Consultant

Bakeba Raines



Website Developer

Angela Sanders

Overall Wellness Consultant

Winning Wellness

Radio Show

As Seen On

Renée M. Beavers

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