“At the heart of every matter there is a matter of the heart.” We all have reasons to fear the unknown. Our Fears are often derives from our past and present situations and experiences. Why is it that two people could have the same experience and have two totally different outcomes and perspectives? Have we overlooked how much we all have in common? Do we focus on our outward differences   making life more unclear and others more uncommon?


“We all have the same basic needs? Love, belonging, security, and purpose it’s what connects us to one another and Papa God.”

When we grow up in an environment where any one of our core needs is left unmet, we find ourselves spending what could turn into a lifetime treating the symptoms without ever truly looking inward at the real unmet needs. Fear, anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, pride, narcissism, and arrogance are only symptoms of a deeper need. No one can examine our heart except you; we waste lots of time chasing the symptoms rather than facing ourselves head on.

Just as pulling the leaves off a tree won’t kill the tree itself, blaming our unmet needs on external sources, and other people is just as ineffective.


By choosing that action, we push away the vehicle that God wants to use most to help us grow and change our relationships with others. Denial won’t fill the emptiness inside our heart. Acting as if nothing is wrong is not good treatment either.  When we don’t try to figure out the origin to our embedded issues, we end up isolated and alone.


We were created to live with others in relationships. We are only as free as our deepest secret, and our willingness to be honest with ourselves, God, and the people that love and need us. In relationships with others is where real growth is achieved! When we don’t look inwardly, we hold others hostage with our misplaced blame and in turn, we never grow or change. We must examine our hearts and mind daily, and empty them of hurt and unforgiveness. That is how the course for living for love begins, with accepting and giving forgiveness. Our life is built one day at a time, so let’s not waste our most valuable gifts, which are time and love or hate and unforgiveness.

May the songs that we sing flow from the melody of our lives as we live lives that are in tune with the rhythm of Papa God’s love? Allow the symphony of our choices to reflect hearts that are enthroned by our conductor, creator and only Master and King Jesus.


Read the Complete Chapter: Psalm 119:10-11King James Version (KJV)

10 With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments? 11 Thy word has I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.