It’s not reality please tell me it’s a trick!

Our minds are in disgust Lord please make this killing quit!

Hearts filled with  disbelief when will the suffering end?

Rushed into eternity it wasn’t your choice. If we give our hearts to Jesus, the groundwork is done. We don’t have to get ready God did the work with his son.

We are but a vapor live life to enjoy every single drop.

Our heart feels your absence a void a big empty spot.

What a dark sobering thought baby Cousin your clock has ticked its last tock.

Our clock is ticking. Our time is running out. With Jesus, we are ready eternity is our final stop.

Our lives are the canvas that displays God’s masterpiece. A Picasso breath-taking, valuable, and protected while on display for all to see. Live in the minute while planning for eternity one day…

Young, brilliant, handsome, and charming everyone who crossed your path. In the days to come when our hearts are heavy, we will naturally think about your laugh.

Your smile, your dark chocolate skin, your swag your pearly white grin. Your words of wisdom made you a Man above men.

Passion for pleasure work over play. You lived your life with a purpose every day.

Water was product living springs were your source. Change lives are your legacy to everyone who heard your voice. Live on Baby Cousin live on. RMB