Please don’t settle for happy when JOY is only one decision a way.

Happy is popular she’s the one that few people ever turn away.

Happy is a whirlwind of emotions. Remember, you don’t always get what you want.

Happy lifts you high without preparing you for the five mile drop.

Look out rider, Happy takes her passengers where no human experience will ever last.

Come with me, I am not well known and I might not make you laugh.

What I offer is uncommon I often kick happy off of her throne.

Allow me to introduce myself my name is JOY.

Sorry no bell, or whistles, you might not feel a thing!

What I offer is the real deal no game, or pulling tricks you can’t always trust what you feel.

Open your eye, and heart, and you mind will do its part.

JOY is not dating happy they have been at odds from the start.

What JOY brings to the table may cause you to lose some fake friends.

JOY is the fruit of love do I need to say it again?

Without Jesus on your friends lists JOY will confuse, and baffle you to no end.

JOY is not just a fairy tale from your childhood past.

JOY is a sweet treat from GOD and every fruit his gives will last.

JOY is and assurance it’s hope in the flesh.

When things are at its worst is when JOY shows up and works everything out for your best…

JOY is a gift we only experience when we give ourselves away.

Helping others while most turn away.

JOY is the comfort that protects our mind from doubt.

JOY guards our hearts when other block us out.

JOY is a light that keeps darkness at-bay.

JOY supplies warmth and a smile on a cold rainy day.

JOY will never leave you when happy is nowhere to be found.

JOY is your everything in GOD’s presence is where it can be experienced.

Choose JOY!

2019 Epic Joy!