Aharon, If only you knew that most of my decisions were based around you. If only you could see you the way I do. If only you understood how much time my mind spends with its navigation system just tracking you. If only you felt the pain of your absence when you choose to walk away; leaving me standing there with unspoken words. The Sun rises and sets but true love never fades. If only we could be like back in the day when I was your Mommy, your honey, your one and only Bae. In your eyes, I could do no wrong. Aharon, If only I could keep you safe from danger and harm. If I could, I would protect you from every little pain.


If only your life didn’t have so many twists and turns. If only the road you have chosen was not so wide open and bumpy watching it, all makes me so jumpy. The way to the right life would be a good thing and not a path that makes you so grumpy. If only you could see me again. Get to know me again. I am more than just a mother. I’m a human, and a woman, just like you. If only you took the time to ask why l do what I do? You would see that you are still my priority and I only want what is best for you.


If only you could hear my heart when I act. Do you ever hear or understand a word that I speak? My words are never meant to hurt you; we are on the same team. Win or lose, rain or shine, blizzard or monsoon. If only you could feel how sad it makes me see you alone when you are surrounded by people that want to be real. If only your heart and mind would allow true love in. My love is what it was designed to be. I am still your tour guide, cheerleader, mommy and faithful friend. If only you would let your guard down so we can love each other with actions and build our relationship on solid ground. If only you could accept that, I am here for the long haul. The good, bad and the ugly. I will stick with you through it all. If only you believe me when I say,   “Even when I die this love I have for you will never go away!”