Hello January ,The season of chain fasting, nutritional regrets and promises to change forever. Today, I will take carbohydrates and sugar from under the bus. Most people believe that sugar is the enemy while there is some truth in that assumption; it’s only half the story.

At birth, our mom’s human milk contains 3%–5% fat, 0.8%–0.9% protein, and 6.9%–7.2% carbohydrate. “Wow” you mean we all began with a high carbohydrate and fat diet?

Well, that is food for thought and it explains our natural bend towards sweets. Unfortunately, most individuals are consuming sugars that are void of what makes them beneficial.

Fruits and vegetables are both carbohydrates and they have sugar in them. Unprocessed fruit and vegetables are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Just as a rule of thumb remember if your sugar and carbohydrates are void of fiber and water, they are a treat, not a reward.


How do we break this vicious cycle and get off of our nutritional rollercoaster? I am so glad you asked! You fast, yes fast! The dictionary makes it clear that one form of fasting: Is to abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, primarily as a religious observance or medical reasons.

To break the relationship that you have with something, you have to stop! For years, I believed that my issue of weight gain during the holidays was due to all of the desserts that I consumed. After three years of living plant-based and eating whole foods, I realized that the real culprits to my weight gain were all of the animal products and processed sugars that are in most of the foods that I consumed during the holidays, not the sugar and carbs alone.


Fasting and permanently abstaining is the only way to gain control of our appetite. Well, you may be thinking, ‘I fast every year in January. I do the Daniel or some variation of it’.

The purpose of a fast is to show you the control, from what you’re abstaining from, has over you. When you choose to go back to it, did you learn the lesson fasting was designed to teach you?

To get permanent results, we have to make lasting changes.