Yummy Cookies

O.T.A.S “O Taste and See” cookies are a plant-based, animal and gluten-free cookie company that was established in 2017. Since childhood Renée has fought and lost lots of nutritional battles. The sugar battle, the carbohydrate, battle, and the fat battle! The only battle that she has fought and found victory over is the animal and gluten battle!

Renée was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, arthritis, and vitiligo and giving up wheat and gluten improved her life and digestion. Adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle renewed her family’s health, minds and God’s destiny for their lives. “This lifestyle change was the genesis of RMB Whole Food Plant-Based (WPPB) Lifestyle Movement.



Do you know how to differentiate between whole foods and processed food? Whole foods are beneficial when consumed in their natural state. Processed foods have been heated and enhanced until they no longer have the same
nutritional benefit.

Sugar and carbohydrates are not the enemies! Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates, and they have sugar in them. God designed our sweet tooth! However, the sugars that God designed are filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, and water. ‘O.T.A.S cookies were created to provide Renée’s husband Gil a tasty fiber filled cookie for his sweet tooth.

O.T.A.S. cookies are a treat! These homemade cookies have sugar and nuts they are made with wholesome whole food ingredients like oatmeal, flaxseed, spices and healthy fats. Unlike most cookies, these cookies have the benefits of whole foods that taste yummy.

RMB is excited to provide a healthy and tasty solution to the human condition of the never-ending sweet tooth. O.TA.S cookies are the perfect solution to satisfying that sweet tooth. Try O.T.A.S cookies today!


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