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Renée M.​ ​Beavers ​​would love an opportunity to share the principles of her Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement with your community. The Whole-Person Plant-Strong lifestyle is built on principles that Renée lives each day.​ ​Renée is a certificate holder from T. Colin Campbell, studies of nutrition through ECornell University.

​She​ ​is 50 years old,​even with celiac, arthritis, and vitiligo, Renée is not on any prescription drugs. ​Her​blood pressure of 99 over 66,​cholesterol is 172, and her glucose is 96.​ She is 135 pounds and​ ​is​healthier now than ever be​for​e in her life. RMB Lifestyle Movement provides evidence that the S.A.D. diet is no competition for a Plant-Based Lifestyle. Many of us are eating ourselves to death, and we don’t even realize it! Our Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement will help you overcome the obstacles of transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

Renée would love an opportunity to share the principles of her WPPB Lifestyle Movement with your community. The Whole-Person Plant-Strong lifestyle is built on principles that Renée live each day. The average person is consuming 59% of their calories from Ultra-processed foods while eating 20% of their meals in a car. Most people spend 10% of their income on convenience foods yet don’t have a saving account; these habits explain why most people are unaware of the deception that they’re falling prey too.

Consuming the S.A.D diet (standard American diet) explains why obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases are running ramped in our society. In the technology-driven society, we do not have a knowledge problem we must have an application problem. Learn to see, hear, and act on what you may have known all along with others.

Speaker Topics:

Giving Our Appetites to God: Freedom from Food
Health is Wealth: 21 Day Journey
Fasting for Change: 3 Day Detox
Habits that Heal: Accepting and owning your choices
Business Beyond Beauty: People, Products, Processes.
The Empty Marriage: Establishing healthy commitments, communication, and conflict resolution in
relationships. (Gil J. Beavers and Renee M. Beavers)

Events & Venues:

Keynote Speaker
Women’s Conferences
Panel Discussions
Health Fair
Wellness Conferences
Renee M. Beavers welcomes invitations for the events and venues listed and are honorarium based.

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The Message Mentoring and a Meal Program

The Message Mentoring and a Meal Program was designed by the RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement to assist leaders in helping their communities to lead healthier lives. Many leaders feel helpless when faced with increasing numbers of lifestyle diseases, sickness, and even death in their communities. The RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement is the solution to the epidemic of food addiction, serial dieting, and lifestyle diseases that are sweeping our country today.

The Message Mentoring and a Meal Program includes three components: 3-Day Detox, Freedom from Food Curriculum and the 21-Day Journey Cookbook. These three components will equip the participant with the tools needed to overcome three of the most common lifestyle change obstacles of cost, time and taste by introducing the practice of the three principles: priorities, forgiveness and choices.

Giving Our Appetites to God Seminar

Giving Our Appetites to God Seminar is a two day “hands on” seminar developed by the RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement designed to equip church leaders with the tools needed to lead their communities towards living a healthier lifestyle by not only informing but also demonstrating the benefits, ease and taste of a healthier lifestyle choice.

The two day seminar will include the following:

  • Preparation of a plant-based meal for the leader and their family
  • 40 Minute message
  • One-on-One Mentorship: One 15 minute weekly call for three months
  • One copy of
    • Tragedy to Majesty Devotional,
    • 21 Day JourneyCookbook and
    • Freedom From Food Curriculum
  • Book signing with your community featuring Renée M. Beavers, founder of the RBM WPPB Lifestyle Movement

“Freedom From Food” Appetite Retreat

We all have a past especially when it comes to our unhealthy food choices. Welcome to your Why!

“Freedom From Food” Appetite Retreat, developed by the RBM WPPB Lifestyle Movement, is a three session retreat created to provide help and hope for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships with themselves, food, and others.

It will help participants unpack the past and discover the weight of their weights by addressing the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. The RBM WPPB Lifestyle Movement “Freedom from Food” Appetite Retreat includes the following:

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