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The top 10 killers in America, have remained the same for many years. Unfortunately, the number of people who fall prey to them has continued to increase each year. 
Many of us are eating ourselves to death, and we are not even aware of it.
Renée’s desire is to provide people trapped in unhealthy relationships with food, and people, hope. The RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement is a clear path towards a results-based solution.
The Bible says that faith comes by hearing!  Our message needs to be repeated until people began to become thinkers again and not just followers. Join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets.


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“The things that make a life are not “things”. And the tools that God uses to build are our lives, are not metals. These tools are persons who are bold enough to open their hearts & their experiences, & to put them to our use. Renee Beavers has given us this gift. Dare to chew on these morsels with fresh eyes and humble hearts.”

Claudett Copeland, New Creation Christian Fellowship

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact Renee’s expertise in the plant based lifestyle has had on our members…more energy, weight loss, and improved health; which all lead to better performance as we work our Kingdom assignments. I highly recommend Renee’s programs and workshops for anyone serious about their journey to healthier living.”

Dr. Todd & Michell Pulliam, One Accord Church

“It’s all God not me when clients get success from the Pam Perry Mentoring group.
So godly proud of this speaker/author Renee M Beavers who is walking in her calling and not just wanting fame for fame’s sake. When clients are stepping up and stepping out into the greatness God called them to be!”

Mrs. Pam Perry, PR Branding Solutions, Inc

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