ASK RENEE, is a column written by Author/ Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement Developer Guide. Renee M Beavers.Renee’s is not claiming to know or have all the answers. However she is leveraging her time, resources, and connections, to provide her readers with the necessary information, and tools, to begin to live a life with fewer regrets. Renee is a new certificate holder from T. Colin Campbell studies of nutrition through ECornell University. Check out her upcoming column ask Renee.


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Here are our most recent questions.

Question: How do you handle changing your eating habits when the rest of your family isn’t on board? Vita Griffin, Radio Personality, South Carolina

Answer: Vita Griffin, This is the million-dollar question. I hope you find value and application in the answer. As moms and wives, we have to take ownership and responsibility for our choices. When I decided to change, I did it for myself. We have to choose to change and get better from the inside out. Remember this is a lifestyle, we cannot choose for someone else. However, you can become an inspiration, motivation as well as support for others. Begin your journey with your personal I decided moment. Make big changes for you and small changes for your family. The results will provide enough proof for them make their decision, to make the switch.


Question: Please tell us a quick way to determine good versus bad fat? Dr. Choona Lang, Montgomery, Alabama


Answer: Dr. Lang, let’s get the skinny on fat. Fat is essential to brain health growth and development. Selecting the wrong fats can cause more problems than we could ever imagine. The easy way to choose healthy fats is to ask yourself one question did this fat make its source fat. Whole-Plant Strong fat increases our Omega-3 and decreases our omega-6 we could all use a simple oil change. Replace your traditional oil with grapeseed, and peanut oil, for cooking and olive oil only when dressing salads and foods that are already cooked. Remember if oil is cold-pressed you change its properties when we cook it.


Question: What do you think is a man’s and woman’s role is in a relationship? Jamika Howell, Owner, Wow Me Web Designs Flint Michigan

Answer: Jamika what a huge question, I will keep the answer light. The word relationship is undoubtedly Under Fire I believe that love, commitment, communication, and respect are the fundamentals of building a healthy relationship. Men and women are wired remarkably different; men thrive on respect while women thirst for love. When the foundation of a relationship is adequately laid, and healthy, the couple is prepared to discuss and establish roles and responsibilities in their relationship together.


Question: In your relationships, how important is “Trust.”Lavon Bridgers Radio talk show host

Atlanta Georgia

Answer: Lavon, WOW, this is a big question this topic has taken me years to negotiate. Trust is the glue in all of my most valued relationships. Trust, unlike love, must be earned and established, it can be lost and broken. For me, the person who brakes the trust is responsible for making the first move towards rebuilding it. I love everyone I have learned to only trust the people in my close circle. People who choose to become untrustworthy have to regain our trust over time.


Question: I have very low iron and need protein – how can I get water-soluble protein on a plant-based diet?

Michele Hoskins,

Entrepreneur, San Antonio Texas Answer:

Michele this is a loaded question and one that I am asked the most. Most women have low iron at some time in their life fortunately for us the source of water-soluble protein and high iron are both the same. We all know that green vegetables are good for us, yet most of us do not know why. Our stomach feeds on bacteria that is found in fiber. When the source of our fiber is from whole, unprocessed vegetables, fruit, beans, nut and seeds we provide our body with easy to use fuel, leaving more energy to heal and preserve our health. Five cups of dark leafy greens provide iron an ample amount of water soluble plant-strong protein.


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