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Renée M. Beavers, rose like a phoenix from the rubble of a troubled childhood. This Lifestyle Brand Mogul, is also the author of Tragedy to Majesty, 21 Day Journey Cookbook, and Freedom from Food: A six week small group curriculum. Renée M. Beavers is the developer of the WHOLE- PERSON PLANT- BASED (WPPB) LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT.
Renée has been introducing the world to her WPPB Lifestyle Movement as evidenced by television and radio interviews on CBS, NBC, TBN, Atlanta Live, HOT 108 FM, and Blog Talk Radio, just to name a few. She has also been featured in the Huffington Post and Sheen Magazine.
Renée was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to two drug-addicted parents. If that were not enough opposition for one lifetime, to pile an extra dose of “You’re Kidding” to her story, Renee’s mother was murdered by a serial killer!!!!
Although the recipe for a sad ending was written on the wall of her life, Renée has chosen to allow Papa God, to use her struggles, and pain, to build people and relationships. Serving the beauty industry for 28 years starting, and building salons, is proof that making women beautiful from the inside out is her gift and passion. Her 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting, partnered with her daughter’s health struggles, explains why she became highly motivated to pursue training and answers.
In 2015, The Bible and food science finally provided the solutions to a healthy life for her and her phenomenal husband of 28 years. Their lifestyle change was the birth of her RMB Whole -Person Plant-Based (WPPB) Lifestyle Movement.


Beavers’ is the author of the “21-Day Journey WPPB Cookbook” and organizer of the Freedom from Food 6-week small group curriculum.

She is also a certificate holder in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through eCornell University. Her interest in nutrition and helping people understand their relationship with food stems from her 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting and her daughter’s health struggles.

These life events drove Renée to pursue training and get answers leading to the development of the Whole Person-Strong Lifestyle Movement.

The Big Why

The primary vision of this movement is solely the freedom for all those individuals who are trapped in an unhealthy relationship with the food they eat and the relationships that are eating at them.

“Empowering individuals to take control of their relationship with food by leading them on a journey towards nourishing lifestyle choices that produce lasting results.”  Renee believes developing and maintaining  rich healthy relationships is the reason for her existence. Join her on this journey of living a life with no regrets together.

Atlanta Live Co-Host

ATLANTA LIVE is our flagship program that airs every week night live from 7 to 8:30pm and re-airs the following week morning at 7am.. It is an interview format with music performances. Each night we feature, on average, three testimonial guests interviewed individually (this means one person or one group with more than one member at the time) in 15-20 minute segments and a music talent performing 3-5 songs.

WATC-TV 57 is a non-commercial and the only local Christian television station in Atlanta and has been on the air since April 1996. It hosts a variety of local, national and international ministries, as well as family, educational and informational programs in its daily broadcast. TV57 is the largest producer of non-news/non-weather programs among all television stations in Atlanta. Our programs are Biblically based and can be seen in both metro Atlanta and throughout the country through our affiliation with several Christian Networks. They can also be live stream from our website www.watc.tv., and from the AppleTv, Roku and Truli apps.

WATC-TV57 is a full power broadcast channel serving the Atlanta market over the air with 57.1 and 57.2. It simulcasts on a sub-channel in Summerville, GA; on a low power station serving Savannah, GA. It is also carried out on cable and satellite systems over one million homes in the metro Atlanta area through the following outlets: Comcast 2; Charter 13; Uverse 57; Dish 57; Direct TV 57.

Our target audience is viewers (of the Christian faith but not limited to) of all ages, being our programming a combination of religious and non-religious educational and informational programs, sectioned for the different ages.

Our mission is to educate the viewers with family and informative non-religious programs, as well as programs that glorify Jesus Christ by bringing the Word of God and testimonials.

Unstoppable Warrior Women Movement

THE UNSTOPPABLE WARRIOR WOMAN MOVEMENT is designed to empowers women to share their personal narratives, express their experiences, and tell their own stories.

Now, we will un-mute the voices of women all around the world to be heard with their amazing stories of:






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